During a LIVESTREAM, do I have the obligation to stream the tracks on Spotify / Apple / Napster etc?

No, you can use any media player you want. Most people use Spotify because they want to use Snip/Tuna with.

How can I help with artist promotion?

Send us an email [email protected], we're expanding our promo and support team.

I am a visual artist, how can I join the team ?

Send us an email, we'll looking for artists to help us as well !

Where can I submit my music and be part of the artists?

We're not really looking for demos at this time.

How can you give away licenses for free?

We are a small team (less than 5 people), our operation fees are very minimal. Our artists are well established and receive income through Spotify/Apple/Deezer and live shows. During the license registration process, we ask you to follow them on their social media & Spotify/Apple/Deezer (choice is what you use). We think it is fair for everyone. You can use their music, and they have social engagement. We still let you chose between paying a license fee or follow them on their social media.

If I unfollow you on social media?

Artists spent time in the studio performing their tracks. Unfollowing will result in license termination.

What would happen when/if license ends? Are you going to claim copyright on our old videos?

You can still monetize already uploaded videos. But you can’t upload new videos after the date of license termination. No, we will not claim old videos because you had a license at the upload time.

What if my social media accounts get suspended or deleted for some reason?

We'll know if it is suspended or deleted. Claim another license with your new socials.

I want to use your tracks on LIVE Television and Cable, what should I do?

As this is not Youtube, Twitch, Instagram or other streaming services, you'll need to secure performing rights. How? Please contact us [email protected] so we give you the right to broadcast through live TV.

Can I donate?

We are already happy with the free-against-social-follow model. If you still feel you want to help us, please donate through paypal @ paypal.me/yohannocean

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